Video Chat May Reduce Depression in Older Adults

Video Chat May Reduce Depression in Older Adults

The modern world offers many forms of communication, from phone calls to social media to text messages and beyond. These solutions make people feel connected with one another, but are they really as effective as they seem? Research shows that video chat is the most effective digital communication for older adults because it best simulates in-person communication. It’s so effective that it may actually reduce depression symptoms.

Study Shows Video Chat Was the Most Effective Form of Digital Communication

The University of Michigan conducted a study to analyze depression symptoms in older adults. In two years, they discovered that video chat was the only digital communication shown to reduce depression symptoms. Adults who used email, text messages and instant messaging had the same rate of depression as those who did not have any communication technology at all.

Other studies have shown that video chats tend to last longer than phone calls, giving older adults more time to connect with their loved ones. This, combined with the ability to feel included in memories, may be the secret to warding off depression symptoms.

In-Person Communication Is Even Better

In-person communication is still the best way for loved ones to stay in touch. This may not always be an option for older adults though, especially those with limited mobility. Finding time to be with loved ones when possible can do wonders for an older adult’s mental health. When that is not an option, video chat is the next best fit.

Depression Treatment for Older Adults

Depression treatment is not limited to a therapist office. If you are an older adult in need of depression treatment, there are alternative options out there for you. Our team of licensed therapists provides in-home depression counseling for clients of all ages. We understand that you may not be able to come to a therapy office. That’s why we come to you!

With in-home depression counseling, you will work with the same therapist for every session. You can talk about your symptoms, concerns, experiences and goals. Then you can learn personalized solutions to treat your depression. The process is simple and completely confidential. We can work around you schedule, and we can coordinate appointments with a home care facility (when applicable). In-Home Counseling accepts many forms of insurance, so you can get the care you deserve at a price you can afford.

Give us a call at (847) 903-5604 to learn more about in-home depression treatment.

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