Building Trust with Your In-Home Therapist

Building Trust with Your In-Home Therapist

Whether you see a therapist for a few months or for several years, you need to develop a trusting relationship with one another. This allows you to truly open up about your experiences, your concerns, your thoughts and your goals so your therapist can guide you through personal struggles. In this discussion, we will provide tips to help you build trust with your in-home therapist right from the start.

You Set the Pace for Therapy

No one likes feeling pushed out of their comfort zone. That’s why it’s a comfort zone. Rest assured that your therapist will never push you to talk about something you don’t feel comfortable with. You set the pace for therapy, which means that you determine how quick your progress is. Some people open up right away, and others take some time to let their guard down. Your therapist will be there to support you no matter what.

Your Therapist Will Never Judge You

Therapy is a judgement-free space. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed of an event from your past. Don’t! Your in-home therapist will listen with an open mind and help you resolve conflicts in your life. You will never be judged for your situation. Period.

You Get Better Advice the More You Open up

One of the biggest benefits of therapy is that it is a personalized experience. Your therapist will give you advice catered to your life and experiences. The only way he or she can do that is by learning about your life. The more you share in therapy, the better advice you receive. In other words, trusting your in-home therapist is going to lead to better solutions for you.

With Any Relationship, Trust Takes Time

Trust may not happen in the first therapy session. That’s OK. We’re not expecting that. All we ask is that you try to come into therapy with an open mind. As you work with your therapist more and more, you will feel more comfortable letting him or her into your life.

With In-Home Counseling, you will be matched with the ideal in-home therapist for tour specific needs. This gives you the best chance at having a positive experience in therapy from the beginning. If you would like to get matched with an in-home therapist in Illinois, contact us at (847) 903-5604.

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