Do At-Home Anxiety Remedies Work?

Do At-Home Anxiety Remedies Work?

Anxiety affects a broad spectrum of people, and many struggle to find relief on a daily basis. In your hunt for anxiety treatment, you may explore the idea of at-home remedies. This sparks an important question: do at-home anxiety remedies work? If so, which ones are right for you? Let’s take a closer look at in-home anxiety treatments.

Anxiety Remedy vs. Anxiety Relief

The term “anxiety remedy” typically refers to a product or substance that theoretically relieves anxiety. There are dozens of remedies out there, from herbal teas to vitamins to calming serums to fidget spinners and more. For the most part, these products have minimal success rates. They may work for some people, but their results are unreliable.

If you’re looking for effective anxiety relief, you are much better off working with a counselor or therapist. This will give you a clear insight into your anxiety symptoms, and it will ensure that you find solutions specific to your circumstances. Even if you find an anxiety remedy that works, it will only provide temporary relief. With anxiety treatment through counseling, you can relieve your anxiety altogether.

DIY Anxiety Relief with Proven Results

While many at-home anxiety remedies are just gimmicks, there are some proven techniques you can use on your own. These are helpful before or during an anxiety attack. These solutions may not be all you need to relieve anxiety, but they do provide a starting point.

  • Controlled Breathing: Breathe in slowly for four seconds. Hold your breath for two to three seconds. Then release your breath for four seconds. Concentrate on your breathing when your heart begins to race. This will reduce your pulse and the physical feeling of panic.
  • Grounding: Identify sights, sounds and smells that you recognize. Familiarize yourself with the room so you feel more comfortable in the moment. This strategy takes your mind off the panic attack, and it helps you feel more secure in your space.

Again, these techniques may provide temporary relief, but they are not the only resources you should rely on. If you can get to the root of your anxiety through anxiety counseling, you can reduce the frequency and severity of anxiety attacks. You can also learn how to control your responses to anxiety triggers. We will discuss this more in the next section.

Learn Personalized Strategies with In-Home Anxiety Counseling

If the thought of going to a therapist office sparks your anxiety, do not worry. You can take advantage of in-home anxiety counseling, and still receive the top-quality care you deserve. With in-home counseling, you get all of the benefits of traditional therapy from the comfort of your home. Discuss issues from the past, struggles in the present, and solutions for the future – all from a place where you feel safe. Your information remains completely confidential, and you will be matched with a licensed therapist in your area.

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