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We are here to help all people. To eliminate barriers, In-Home Counseling provide services in the comfort and privacy of the individual's residence.Are you an adolescent, working adult or senior struggling with stress, loss, relationship issues, bullying, trauma, or increasing emotional or physical difficulties? Are you a family member worried about a child, spouse or aging parent who is withdrawn, anxious, or is having a hard time coping? Are you a caregiver feeling overwhelmed, sad and stressed by the toll of caring for a loved one?

In-Home Counseling can help.

For those who struggle with a disability or physical limitations, who lack transportation or other assistance in getting to a therapist’s office, who may be too scared, ashamed or embarrassed to go to a therapist office, or those who just prefer to talk to someone in the comfort of their own home, In-Home Counseling is here for you.

Our network of Licensed Clinical Social Workers provide mental health counseling and support throughout the Chicagoland area. Services are covered by most private insurance, Medicare, most Medicare Advantage plans, and some Medicaid managed care plans. They are available to anyone who desires such support, and do not need a formal referral or order from a physician.

You can feel better.
Get the help you need and deserve.

Call (847) 903-5604 for more information or to make a referral, or send an email on our contact page.